How to Create Chatbot in eLearning Course

How to Create Chatbot in eLearning Course Articulate Storyline
How to Create Chatbot in eLearning Course Articulate Storyline

Many of you in the community have been curious about this project, and I’m happy to share a step-by-step video tutorial to help you get started. Although ChatGPT integration in e-learning is still relatively new, I believe this tutorial will be a valuable resource for our community to explore and innovate.

Design Your Chatbot’s Role According to Your Course

I’ve developed custom libraries that make it a breeze for anyone to design their own chatbot for their courses. The best part? You can define the chatbot’s role to fit the unique needs of your specific course!

Update on ChatGPT API Integration in E-Learning Tutorial️

Thank you all for your feedback on the tutorial! I’ve noticed that many of you have encountered issues when using the Rapid API for ChatGPT. To address this, I’ve now updated the tutorial to use OpenAI’s official API instead. I’m confident that switching to OpenAI’s official API will resolve the issues you’ve been facing. As always, I’m here to help if you have any further questions or concerns.

To get started with OpenAI’s API, simply generate your API key by following this Open AI API.

Additional Resources:

For detailed walkthrough, check out the video guide:

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